Space Rental


Why are our events so much fun? Because of people like you! We love our community and the unique offerings of artists, food, and entertainment. 

If you’re interested in becoming a vendor at one of our events, please read over the following and submit your form below.

For the purpose of our events, all vendors (food, music, art, etc.) will be set up outside underneath our canopy. No additional coverage is necessary.


Here are few things to note:

  • Vendor spots are first come first serve. They can be requested but are not guaranteed.
  • All vendors must set up at a “zoned” spot. Artisans/crafters/non-food vendor fees to participate are $50/day. If applicable, vendors can rent an adjacent spot for double the space for an additional $50/day.
  • Our food vendor fee to participate is $75 for Friday and $100 for Saturday, or $150 for both days, if applicable.
  • Weather conditions: The event is covered under a canopy and will proceed regardless of rain or shine. If for some reason we have inclement weather, vendors will be contacted.

    Rules for Vendors

    1. Vendors are responsible for all load in and loud out. The Lot employees may not be available to help set up vendors, so please schedule accordingly.
    2. Vendors MUST provide their own equipment i.e. tables, chairs, hanging supplies, artist grate, etc.
    3. NO SMOKING ALLOWED while on the premises of The Lot.
    4. The deposit to participate is non-refundable. Under NO circumstances will any vendor be refunded unless the event is cancelled.
    5. Vendors may begin setting up as early as needed.
    6. Each vendor MUST remain setup for the entire duration of the event.
    7. Each vendor will be responsible for their own sales and will retain 100% of their profits. Vendors are also responsible for submitted their own taxes.
    8. Vendors MUST provide their own equipment i.e.: tables, chairs, hanging supplies, artist grate, etc.
    9. The Lot is not responsible for loss of product, vandalism, or damaged merchandise.
    10. Due to social distancing we will have booths spaced out properly to execute a safer shopping/entertainment experience.

    11. Cars must be parked in designated areas after items are unloaded.

    12. Vendors will be allowed to set up in a 10’ x 10’ section. Unless extra spots were purchased, markers will be set.

    13. Electricity will be available in some areas. Vendors may need to supply their own extension cords. Extension cords must be close to the ground and tidy.

    14. During events, we will almost always have live music. When live bands are not present, music will be played via stereo outside. Vendors are NOT PERMITTED to play music aloud.

    15. Vendors are responsible for leaving the area in the same condition as found.

    16. Any vendor who breaks these rules/regulations will be asked to leave.


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